7 Budget-Friendly Navigation Devices Essential For Every Road Trip

Maps installed in smartphone apps might not be the best for long road trips as they don’t give accurate details. That’s why you need a good GPS system. Here are the top ones!


In this age of smartphones, you must be wondering if you need a GPS for your car. The answer is yes! If you’re an avid traveler who likes to explore remote locations, a GPS tracker can prove to be a real asset. Not only will it stay strong in no network areas, it will also give you more details compared to the map applications built in phones. Here are some of the best GPS systems available in India:

Primo GPS PG723G – 7-inch GPS Navigator


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A big screen and high functionality come to you with the Primo GPS PG723G – 7-inch GPS Navigator. Touch screen interface makes handling the equipment a dream, while the rear cameras are perfect for taking a reverse in tough lanes.

Onelap Go


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This is a wireless tracker that you can use in both cars and bikes. The tracker’s technology makes it one of the most precise trackers available in India. It is also lightweight, portable and gives out detailed analytics like distance, idle time, average speed, etc.

LAMROD Supreme


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The LAMROD Supreme tracks addresses and location in real-time. The tracker also has innovative features like built-in car alarm and geofencing. This feature alerts you when your car crosses the set geographical boundary.

Garmin GPS etrex 10


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This tracker is equipped with a massive battery life of 25-30 hours. It has amazing accuracy and reliability. It provides geocaching feature along with GPS and the GLONASS technology gives it an edge over the competition. It also indicates geographical features like terrains, and tells the actual distance and time. It also has a highly customizable main menu that makes it user friendly.

Primo GPS- PG422G


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The second one from Primo comes with an even bigger screen and all of the smart features of the brand. The device comes pre-loaded with Mapmyindia maps that have details of 700 Indian towns, cities and villages. This device is great for offline tracking.



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This tracker from ITALIA is the best in its price range and comes with a 24-hour battery life. The device has smart features like engine tracking and live monitoring. It is compatible with both Android and IOS systems, and is popular for its highly sensitive chip and quick activation features.

Acumen Tracker UC 900


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Acumen is one of the top trackers available in India that has a mobile application. It can provide the driving data for up to 60 days and also gives other analytics like engine stats and driver stats. The device is powered by both satellite maps and Google street maps for most accurate tracking.


A tracker can really make your life and driving easier. Compare the features of these trackers to choose the best one for your needs!

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