8 Essential “To Do’s” Before You Travel Abroad

When planning a trip abroad, you must do many things before leaving. So many things, in fact, that you would need to read a book that lists everything out for you. You can take the time to do that if you want, and if this is your first trip out of the country you can create your own checklist. That checklist must include 8 essential “To Do’s” before you travel abroad if you want to be fully prepared.

  1. Passport – You should start working on these months before you plan to travel. Getting one can take some time, so you want to make sure that you receive it in time. Your best bet is to go to your local post office and fill out the necessary paperwork if they are set up to do them. Follow their directions and pay the fees.
  2. Visa – Some areas of the world will require you to have a Visa. You can get these from your local Embassy or online. You will want to apply ahead of time because these can take just as long to get as the Passport, sometimes even longer. Do the research needed to find out if you need one to travel to your destination and any other areas you plan to visit while on vacation. You do not want to get caught in a foreign country and not be able to cross borders.
  3. Visit Your Doctor – Do some more research and see if you need any special vaccinations before traveling to your chosen country. Schedule a visit with your doctor and get them if required, as well as a basic checkup that allows you to travel worldwide. While you are there, ask them if they have any tips that may help keep you healthy during your trip. Some areas of the world are not as advanced as we are, so you must take care of your medical needs before you embark on your adventure.
  4. Get Some Travelers Insurance – This is a step that many people choose to ignore but be warned that it is never a good idea to skip over this step. Go online to a comparison site and search through your travel insurance in Australia options. You want to be protected against lost luggage, accidents, theft, or if you end up getting stranded due to a covid-19 lockdown. Do not wait until the last minute to get it because many have a waiting time before the kick into effect. Check with your insurance carrier to find out so you can plan accordingly.
  5. Credit Cards And Cash – Check to see what type of money your destination country accepts and converts your money into that specific currency. You should also talk to your credit card companies to see if you can use their cards over there. If not, leave them home. If yes, make sure you have a note in your account that tells them when and where you are going. This will prevent the card from being locked due to safety measures by your card provider.
  6. Phones And Other Electronics – Your phones will likely not work where you are going. You can purchase a SIM card that will allow you to use your device or buy a prepaid phone from the country you are traveling to. Make sure that you have the proper service if you need to be able to check-in at home. Your electronics may also cause a problem because the outlets they need may not be the same in every country. Buy some adapters to be safe.
  7. Pack Appropriately – You do not have unlimited room for luggage when you travel so take what you need for the area that you are traveling to. For example, if you are traveling to a tropical destination, you will not need to pack the hat and gloves you wear daily at home. Think ahead and pack what you need while following the rules of the airlines or cruise ships.
  8. Share Your Plans – Never leave on a trip without telling your family and friends where you are going, where you are staying, and what you plan to do while there. This is to ensure that people close to you know where you will be if something should happen at home or if they did not hear from you when they were supposed to. It is the best way to ensure that someone will come looking for you if you get lost or into trouble.

These 8 essential “To Do’s” may not seem important, but they are. If you ignore one of the items on the list, you may regret it later on during your trip. By then, it will be too late to do most of the things listed. You need to do your research, plan ahead, and complete what needs to be done before you need them done.

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