9 Essential Travel Tips for Anyone Going on the Road to Work –

You will need the right gear and gadgets to stay productive while moving

It seems like the worst pandemic is over, at least now. People are now traveling more than ever in the past two decades. This is especially true for work-related travel. You know the importance of having the right gear and accessories if you are someone who travels for work.

Here are the top nine essentials for travel that you should never leave home without:

1) App for the Flighty

Flighty can be a great app to track flights if you spend a lot of time flying. It syncs to TripIt, making automatic import of your flights easy. You will also receive alerts about any changes. It often notifies me about delays or changes before the airline app.

2) MagSafe Duo Charger

Apple’s MagSafe Duo Charger isn’t going to wow you at first glance. You might expect something a bit more luxurious for $129. If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 and an Apple Watch, you won’t find a better way to charge them both while on the move. It folds up neatly and takes up very little space in your bag.

3) Peak Design 35L Travel Duffel

The duffel can hold a few days’ worth of clothes and other gear. Peak Design also makes organizer cubes that make it safe and easy to transport camera gear and other gadgets. It’s easy to access your wallet, passport or phone from outside pockets. It can fit into almost every commercial aircraft’s overhead compartment. Peak Design sells it for $129.95

4) AllBirds Shoes

Comfortable, lightweight shoes are essential for anyone who travels a lot. Allbirds claims to make the “world’s most comfortable shoes,” and I have worn them on more than a dozen trips over the past months.

5) MagSafe Battery Pack

Like many Apple products, the MagSafe Batteries are a little too expensive at $99. It’s a great way to prolong the battery life of your iPhone. Even if your iPhone isn’t MagSafe compatible, it can be used as a regular wireless charger. Apple has even made it possible for your iPhone to send a charge to the battery pack when it’s plugged into.

6) Minimalist Airbag Wallet

Airbags can be very useful for tracking your keys, luggage, and other items you frequently lose. Minimalist offers a slim wallet that can be used to store an airbag.

7) Anker Power Port III 65W Charger

The compact charger provides 65W of power, enough to charge most laptops that you might want to bring with you when you travel. You can charge up to three devices simultaneously with two USB-C and one USB-A port. It’s a great way to charge your devices on the move at a very affordable price of $65.99

8) Waterfield Padded Gear Pouch

Waterfield, a San Francisco-based company, is well-known for its high-quality bags made right here in America. I have tried many of their products, and my favorite is the Padded Gear Pouch. This pouch is perfect for organizing all your cables, chargers and adapters, so you have everything you need while on the road. The Padded Gear Pouch is available starting at $69.

9) iPad mini

The 2021 iPad Mini is one of the most useful devices for travel. The device is small enough to be carried in a bag and compact enough to read or watch a movie while on the plane. It’s also powerful enough to handle any task.

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