AAA: Travel preparations ahead of Memorial Day weekend

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Summer travel isn’t just heating up, AAA said it will be on fire. Despite high gas prices, AAA predicts near pre-pandemic travel volume on Memorial Day weekend.

According to AAA, 563,000 Kentuckians are heading somewhere this weekend. The majority will travel by car. So, if you’re hitting the road in a few days, or even later this summer, this is your safety reminder.

Before your trip, AAA said to check your car battery, schedule an oil change, check your tire’s tread and pressure, and fill your gas tank.

While driving, remember to wear your seatbelt and keep your eyes on the road. Also, remember to move over and slow down if you see a first responder or a construction zone. It’s the law.

With high traffic this weekend, AAA expects more car accidents. If you find yourself in one, the most important thing is to not panic.

“You want to make yourself as visible as possible, especially at nights,” said Jed Bowles, AAA fleet manager. “Make sure your emergency lights are on and stay in the vehicle as much as possible.”

AAA expects the most traffic Thursday and Friday afternoon. Officials suggest leaving in the morning to avoid congestion. But when driving through any city, you can still expect some traffic.

Air travel is also expected to rebound this year, with more Kentuckians visiting beach resorts instead of national parks. Three million people are expected to take to the skies this Memorial Day Weekend, which is 25% higher than last year, according to AAA.

This holiday weekend, Blue Grass Airport officials said TSA is prepared for long lines and full flights. TSA recommends arriving two hours before your flight departs.

Even though long lines at the security checkup are expected, lines will be shorter than originally anticipated. Blue Grass Airport’s security technology was scheduled to get upgraded this week, but those changes have been pushed back until June 13th. All three security lanes will be open, instead of two.

For an additional level of safety, AAA recommends buying travel insurance and booking through a travel agent. AAA agents said both are lifesavers if something unexpected ruins your travel plans.

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