An Oakland couple took the trip of a lifetime. Then COVID stranded them abroad

Lisa Scimens and her husband John Moss were elated in early May to finally be going on a European odyssey to celebrate their 30th anniversary. They had planned to do the trip in March 2020 before the pandemic killed the voyage.

The Oakland couple left May 8 to spend nine days in Paris, followed by a week in Berlin, and two weeks in London.

But what started off as the perfect trip, ended up with Scimens and Moss quarantining in a hotel in Germany with COVID-19, uncertain of when they can get home.

As travel ramps up for the summer, tourists are negotiating how to safely navigate COVID abroad and finding the pandemic still has the power to upend plans and spoil vacations.

“Travel is still a little bit bumpy right now,” said Deb Siegle, a travel agent in Belmont. “But if you’re feeling uneasy, (I tell clients) let’s start planning for 2023, so there can still be something to look forward to.”

Less than two weeks into the trip, Scimens and Moss were in Berlin when Moss, 66, felt a bad head cold coming on. Two days later, Scimens, 59, started to get a runny nose and cough.

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