Barbara Whitehead, BSN, RN, CRNI, Glens Falls Hospital | Nurses

“I just retired in March after 25 years at Glens Falls Hospital and 40 years in nursing altogether. My husband and I ended up settling in this area through my husband’s 20 year military career and being stationed here 3 times. Our sons and our are also in the area.

I focus on nursing as an education and a career based on the results and recommendations of a high school aptitude test and a guidance counselor.

I spent my years at Glens Falls Hospital working on the IV team, and later working in hemodialysis. Down the road, I ended my career in the Infusion Center. In the Infusion Center, I worked with a wide range of patients, including those with implanted intrathecal medication pumps.

My peers stand out as the highlight of my career in nursing. That feeling we had, as if we could face anything new and/or challenging, as long as we did it together. The patients we provided care for were also a highlight of my career. I really liked getting to know patients and their family members over the years. I loved knowing that I was able to help them in some way.

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These days I’m newly retired. I’m excited to see some of the students coming through as observers or as Patient Care Assistants (PCAs). I’m excited about their eagerness to complete their education and get out there working. Right now, the biggest challenge healthcare professionals face is the national shortage of qualified and engaged people.

My husband and I like to travel. We are looking forward to seeing places like Australia, Great Britain, and parts of the United States that we haven’t made it to yet.

Please thank a nurse. There are so many good people out there in healthcare who never get credit for all the work they do.”

Barbara’s colleagues say the following about her: “Barb is a true example of nursing excellence. She has committed her entire career to nursing. Her clinical expertise in dialysis, infusion and vascular access is invaluable. She is certified in Infusion Nursing. She is continually learning and sharing her knowledge with colleagues and patients. She manages the intrathecal pump program and is a resource for other nurses. Barb is a great leader, always ready to assist in any way she can. When Glens Falls Hospital was looking for people to administer the COVID-19 vaccine, Barb was eager to offer her assistance. She stays late to accommodate patients and works extra shifts to help her co-workers. Barb has received several positive patient comments, including a Kindness Recognition from a patient. Barb is such a caring, attentive, dedicated nurse and is so deserving of this recognition.”


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