Biggby Coffee West Chester is building community through engagement

“We really liked that one. We liked what Biggby was all about, and we liked their coffee and their products. We also found out that it was a franchise, so about a year ago, we started going down this road, and said, ‘man, maybe, this is what we do for our business,’ and sure enough, 13 months later, here we are. Almost a year to the date, we opened up our very own location. So, that’s how we got here,” said Eric Dozier.

“And Eric loves coffee,” Kim Dozier added.

“I’m a coffee nut. I absolutely love coffee. So, how extra cool is it that our small business also involves one of my great loves of coffee,” said Eric Dozier.

After a year-long journey, the couple was able to open Biggby Coffee West Chester. The couple’s vision is to become an integral part of the West Chester community by providing a location where people can gather to share ideas and create memories. They also want to be active within the West Chester community to support other local businesses and organizations.

“We used to live in the Rolling Knolls neighborhood in West Chester for a little while, and at the time, there weren’t many coffeeshop options. So, when we fell in love with Biggby, we said we have to open a Biggby in West Chester. We were set on bringing this brand to this area,” said Kim Dozier.

There’s a lot of other small businesses on Ohio 42 that have been there for decades, and they are excited to join and partner with them to help build the community, she said.

“Biggby’s core operating philosophy is that it exists to love all people, and be a community-involved coffeeshop, and that quickly aligns with Eric and I, and our own careers of working in hospitals with sick patients. We truly value compassion and caring for other people. So, Biggby is just a beautiful combination of our love for coffee, and compassion and caring for other people,” Kim Dozer said.

We want to draw people to our coffee shop to share great coffee, and create memories and experiences in our coffeeshop, but people can also expect to see us out in the community, partnering with other community organizations, volunteering, and being involved outside of our store, she said.

While Biggby Coffee West Chester has only been open for about two months, Eric said, business continues to grow, week over week.

“May 19th marked our first month, and I would say, every week we’ve been open, we’ve had more and more business. So, we are very happy with our week-to-week growth. I know we’re excited to grow even more,” said Eric Dozier.

The menu features hot, brewed coffee, expresso-based beverages, and a huge selection of over 50 lattes, which can be hot, iced or frozen and there are a lot of different flavor combinations as well as organic tea beverages, fruity Redbull-based mocktails, crème freezes, bagel/Bragel sandwiches and assorted bakery items. Biggby also offers an organic, fair-trade coffee, called “Living Hope Brew.” There is also a new line of energy drinks set to come out this summer.

“Our number one food option is a Bragel sandwich. I think it’s one of the best things we do. We have these breakfast, bagel sandwiches called Bragels, and they are excellent. They are absolutely delicious,” said Eric Dozier.

Featured Bragels include Turkey Havarti, Sausage and Egg and Ham and Cheddar Cheese, or Make-Your-Own. They are served toasted, all day. Other popular items include Blueberry Muffins, Lemon Muffins, Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins, and Donut Holes.

The coffee shop also features two individual workstations or nooks, where guests may do work remotely, a high-top community table with six chairs, four comfortable chairs for casual hangouts with family and friends, and a drive thru for those looking to grab a beverage on the go. There is also patio seating with a patio table and chairs with an umbrella and several outdoor chairs.

“We just want to be that local gathering space where people can get together,” Kim Dozier said. “We’re really excited to partner with the community and join together with volunteer organizations and other businesses.”


What: Biggby Coffee West Chester

Where: 9433 Cincinnati Columbus Road

When: 6 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday and 7 am to 9 pm Sunday

Contact: (513) 777-0222

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