Brilliant video shows ice cream van serving drivers stuck in hideous M25 traffic jam

There are very few things that could make being stuck in a traffic jam any worse, but a heatwave and not having a cold drink to hand would definitely rank high on that list. Drivers on the M25 found this out the hard way when they were stuck in the middle of slow moving traffic on one of the hottest days of the year.

Most of the drivers were probably desperate to get home or be on time for a social gatherings with friends, but there were those who were more frustrated with the lack of cold beverage options. Thankfully, in a rare turn of events, an ice cream van also happened to be stuck in traffic and one Tik Tok user couldn’t resist trying his luck.

In the middle of the hideous M25 traffic, the Tik Tok user razza699 approximately the ice cream van with a friend and burst into laughter, assuming that the van driver would turn him away. However, to his surprise the ice cream van’s window rolled down and opened up for business.

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The caption for the post read: “This ice cream van was serving in a traffic jam on the motorway [embarrassed emoji] [sun emoji] #fyp #summer- #motorway #england”.while fighting back laughter, the Tik Tok user asked for four cans of fizzy drinks and even considered asking for some ice cream before being talked out of it by his friend.

It has been a hot month for London, and residents may feel like we are in the grip of yet another heatwave this week – but temperatures haven’t technically exceeded the threshold for a one; in most of Southern England the temperature now has to hit 28C three days running to be classed by the Met Office as a heatwave, after they bumped up the threshold due to Global Heating.

The two friends couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a few cold drinks from the ice cream van

However, we have unniably had another run of seriously hot days, with temperatures in the capital hitting peaks of 22C on Monday, 26C yesterday, and 26C again today. But temperatures are set to dip again tomorrow, according to BBC forecasts.

Meteorologists are expecting temperatures to reach highs of 24C in the capital on Thursday, dropping to 23C on Friday and 21C on Saturday. This brief respite will continue until the middle of next week, with temperatures peaking at a moderate 21C each day until next Wednesday (June 29), and most of the days bringing some cloud cover and a gentle breeze.

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