Cartel boss Daniel Kinahan ‘faces new travel bans’ in major US target reorganization

THE US authorities are expected to declare the Kinahan cartel leadership as one of their major global targets.

And we understand that mob boss Daniel Kinahan – along with other mafia godfathers from around the world – could also be hit with new travel bans to the US and other countries.


Crime boss Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan faces a travel ban


Daniel Kinahan faces a travel banCredit: Alamy

Details of the new issue are to be announced at a special press conference at the City Hall in Dublin tomorrow.

It’s expected to be attended by law enforcement representatives from around the world.

The meeting also comes after senior gardai recently traveled overseas to meet with their law enforcement partners.

The development also comes after a newly leaked EU memo claims multiple EU police forces are planning a major offensive offensive to extradite Kinahan – who remains at the center of a probe by the Criminal Assets Bureau in Ireland.

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He’s also a person of interest in three ongoing garda probes.

One source told us: “The Kinahan cartel is known on the international stage and they are rightly major targets for a lot of international law enforcement agencies.

“This new initiative is about increasing the efforts to target those at the heart of serious and organized crime on a global stage.

“Organised crime works on a global stage and so do the efforts of law enforcement to bring the major players to justice.”

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Since the establishment of the Garda National Drugs and Organized Crime Bureau in 2015, investigators have forged links with law enforcement agencies in the Far East, across Europe and in the United States.

The senior officers who met with their colleagues overseas include Det Chief Supt Angela Willis and Det Chief Supt Seamus Boland, who was previously honored for his work by the Spanish authorities.

Gardai confirmed the meeting was taking place on Tuesday.


Last November, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris told how Gardai were working closely with the US Secret Service to bring down the mob.

As part of their efforts, gardai also have a liaison officer in Colombia, the United States, Spain, France and Holland.

A said: “An Garda Sí, Ireland’s national policing and security service, in conjunction with international law enforcement partners, will launch on April 12 2022 an initiative to tackle transnational organised crime gangs.

“As recognized by the EU Drugs Strategy for 2021 to 2025, tackling gangs with such an international reach requires cooperation from law enforcement agencies across the globe.

“The launch of the initiative – Co-operating at an International Level in Protecting Communities from Organized and Serious Crime – will be chaired by Garda Assistant Commissioner, Organized and Serious Crime, John O’Driscoll and feature speakers from international law enforcement agencies and partners .”

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The announcement also comes after senior Kinahan cartel leader Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh, 54, was jailed in the UK last month for masterminding a huge €36million cannabis and cocaine smuggling operation in the UK.

On that occasion, the UK’s National Crime Agency – who were working closely with the Garda National Drugs and Organized Crime Bureau – brought down Kavanagh’s inner circle.

Thomas Bomber Kavanagh


Thomas Bomber KavanaghCredit: Collect
The US will declare Kinahan as a major global target


The US will declare Kinahan as a major global target

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