EU Releases Sanctions Map and Travel Ban Tool

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Travelers will be able to learn about whether a specific region or territory is subject to a travel ban under sanctions measures with the newly published EU Sanctions Map tool, the European Commission recently announced.

The EU Sanctions Map includes a list of destinations subject, under EU restrictions to travel restrictions as well as a constrained list of persons not allowed to come into the EU because they are under a travel ban. The aim, the Commission said, is to provide easily accessible information about adopting EU restrictive measures (sanctions).

The sanctions tool is available to member states as well as EU residents and invites users (whistle-blowers) to report violations of EU sanctions with protected identity.

Information on the map will be updated following changes to existing sanctions regimes or when new sanctions have come into force.

“Travel bans are an element of our foreign policy toolbox and an important feature of most EU integrated regimes. Since 2014, the Council has imposed travel bans against 1,091 individuals in response to their actions violating Ukraine’s sovereignty. Since the start of the illegal Russian aggression in Ukraine this year, approximately 900 travel bans restricting entry into the territory of the EU have been imposed against individuals who support and facilitate that aggression,” said High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell, responsible for Common Foreign and Security Policy sanctions.

Additionally, the tool reveals where and who is under sanctions for chemical weapons, cyber-attacks, human rights, and terrorism.

“It is important that there is full transparency on this issue and for our citizens to know which individuals are subject to travel bans. We have now updated our publicly accessible tool, which helps facilitate the implementation of our sanctions,” said Commissioner Mairead McGuinnessresponsible for sanctions implementation, financial services, financial and Capital Markets Union.

Currently, the EU has over 40 different sanctions regimes in place. Some are mandated by the United Nations Security Council, while others are adopted autonomously by the EU.

You can find the EU Sanctions map here.

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