Finland Prolongs Restrictions at External Borders Until May 8, Due to COVID-19

Authorities in Finland have announced that they will extend the restrictions at the country’s external borders until May 8.

Such a decision has been confirmed through a statement published by Finland’s Ministry of the Interior and has been taken following the epidemiological situation, reports.

Finland’s government announced that the recent changes would take effect on April 11.

Authorities in Finland have stressed that all persons from countries outside the European Union and Schengen Area are required to have a valid certificate that shows they have completed their immunisation process against the virus.

“The Border Guard does not require the above-mentioned certificates as a condition for entry from Finnish citizens arriving from a third country, from foreign permanent certificates in Finland, or from persons whose entry is based on a necessary reason such as compelling family matters or other compelling personal reasons,” the statement published by the same Ministry reads.

In addition, the same source has recently reported few cases that entry is permitted without restrictions for arrivals from countries included in the EU Green List, which consists of territories that have recently reported COVID-19 infection cases, the recommendation of the Council of the European Union .

Besides, Finland’s Ministry of Interior also announced that entry from non-EU and Schengen countries is allowed without restrictions.

In order to be permitted to enter Finland without being subject to restrictions, passengers must have one of the following documents:

  • A vaccination certificate that proves the traveler has completed the immunisation process against the virus with any of the vaccines approved by Finnish authorities
  • A certificate of coronary heart disease
  • A negative test result of the Coronavirus test, not older than 72 hours

In case passengers fail to present any of the requirements mentioned above, they will be required to undergo a COVID-19 testing process upon their arrival in Finland.

However, authorities in Finland have that there will be some exemptions applied in this regard.

“Finnish tourists should also note that although you can enter Finland without a test, other countries and airlines may have their own test requirements,” the statement published by the Ministry of the Interior reads.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, Finnish authorities have extended their restrictions on the country’s external borders several times.

Previously, Finland’s government announced that external border restrictions would be extended until April 10.

Based on the figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Finland has registered a total of 920,692 cases of COVID-19 infection since the beginning of the pandemic, while 3,334 people have lost their lives during the same period.

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