France Registers Increased Infection Rates Just as COVID-19 Restrictions Got Lifted

France has been registered increased infection rates over the last seven days, just as the country decided to lift the majority of its COVID-19 restrictions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) data show that France has reported 603,150 new infection cases in the last seven days.

This means that, on average, the country has been registered over 86,000 new infection cases per day, which is 35 per cent higher compared to last week.

The increase of the COVID-19 infection cases follows the relaxation of domestic rules. Last week, the French authorities announced that the country would no longer apply strict domestic measures. France removed the majority of its domestic measures on March 14.

Citizens of the country and travelers are no longer required to hold a valid vaccination, recovery, or test certificate to be permitted access to different public places and events, such as bars, cafes, restaurants, museums, and theaters, among others.

In addition, the obligation to wear a face mask has been drooped too. This requirement now remains in place only when attending health institutions, retirement homes, and other similar establishment, reports.

Even though France keeps on registering increased infection rates, it is believed that the virus is not causing serious health implications as the majority of the population has already completed primary vaccination or has received an additional vaccine dose.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) figures show that 94.5 per cent of the entire adult population in France has already completed primary vaccination with two vaccine doses. In addition, the same reveals that another 87.9 per cent have already received a booster shot.

Despite the current COVID-19 situation, France continues to permit entry to travelers too. France currently categorises all world countries into two different categories – into the green and orange categories. France’s green list consists of all EU/EEA countries and several other non-EU countries at the moment.

Travelers who reach France from a green-listed country are not required to meet additional rules upon their entry. All they have to do is present a valid vaccination, recovery or test certificate.

On the other hand, somewhat stricter rules apply to those traveling from an orange-listed county. Travelers who enter France after staying in an orange country need to present one of the certificates – a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate – as well as provide a sworn statement attesting the absence of the Coronavirus symptoms.

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