Holidaymakers in camper van hire boom to avoid foreign travel sorrow

Travelers are swapping wings for wheels and trying new kinds of breaks at home instead of overseas with foreign breaks on hold

Holidaymakers are facing a host of international travel hassles this summer and a new study suggests that travelers are swapping wings for wheels and trying new kinds of breaks at home instead of overseas. The open road won a hoard of new converts in 2021 as Covid-related rules and restrictions put international travel plans on hold.

This year, as holidaying overseas comes with yet more uncertainty, demand for campervan and RV holidays has risen once again with hire specialist Camplify reporting a 1,273 per cent increase in during the last three months. With many people looking for an alternative to a foreign holiday, without the stress and hassle that comes with going overseas, ‘Van Life’ seems to have attracted a new set of travelers.

In preparation for the peak season, sign-ups to the platform have risen by 72 per cent between January – March 2022 with 90 per cent of booking requests made by first-time hirers heading out on their first road trips. Claire James, marketing manager at Camplify, said: “Looking at our recent booking patterns alongside the multitude of challenges that are facing holidaymakers heading overseas, there are clear signs that many holidaymakers will choose to stay at home and explore the UK by road this summer .

“Road-trips and van holidays continue to be a much-loved form of getaway, thanks to the freedom they offer holidaymakers looking to explore multiple stops during one trip. With vans and motorhomes available from as little as £65 per day, which equates to as little as £16.25 per person per day for a family of four, they also offer an affordable option for those that don’t want to splash out on a trip abroad.”

Top-booked destinations on the platform are Wales (25 per cent), Cornwall (20 per cent), the South Coast (15 per cent) and Scotland (15 per cent). Half of holidaymakers head to National Parks and Areas Of Natural Beauty, while coastal destinations have seen the biggest jump in popularity against last summer.

More than a third of bookings are for campers close to the sand – a boost of 10 per cent year-on-year. Ms Jamea added: “As demand steps up, we’d advise travelers to book early and secure their vans in good time. We’re already seeing hotspots like Cornwall and Scotland fill up and booking early not only helps you get the best deal, but the right van – in the right place.”

Launched in Australia in 2015, Camplify is one of the largest campervan and motorhome sharing communities globally, expanding to the UK in 2019. Passionate about connecting holidaymakers looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation with unique recreational vehicles and endless adventures, Camplify has helped explorers across the UK enjoy 25,000 nights under the stars and over 1,100 ‘van-trepreneurs’ boost their income by up to £20,000 a year.


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