Horse box coffee van plans in Newport given go-ahead

PLANS to convert an old horse box into a coffee hut in Newport has been given the go-ahead.

Earlier this year, a planning application was submitted to Newport City Council for the change of use of a plot of land at the Glan Llyn residential development, to allow for a converted horse box to set up shop here.

If approved, it would serve as a takeaway coffee shop, offering customers hot and cold drinks, “homemade cakes, and hot and cold food such as paninis and baguettes.”

According to plans, it would be located on a section of land next to the western park of the Glan Llyn housing development.

The applicant, Courtney Harper of Newport, has described the proposal as “a new, small, quirky local business that will create a warm and welcoming community aspect for all to enjoy”.

And, despite receiving mixed responses from local residents, council planning officers this month have granted temporary planning permission for a period of two years.

The planning officer justified the temporary permission, saying that “this will allow the local authority to monitor the impact of the proposal over this period and on planning cessation of the two years the applicant must reapply to extend the period/remove the condition as they feel necessary or cease the use.”

Continuing, they said “there would be a presumption in its favour unless material adverse and significant effects have arisen as a consequence of it such that its discontinuation is justified.”

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The planning application received 45 letters of support, and 34 letters of objection.

Many of the concerns concern of additional parking in a residential area, should visitors travel specifically to visit the takeaway.

Additionally, there were concerns that litter could be increased in the area as a result of these plans.

According to the planning officer, the concerns have been noted in respect of parking, and following the two year period, the impact of the development can be revisited.

However, they also noted that a number of the objections “are not material planning considerations, but in particular a common concern was in relation to the maintenance charge that residents of the Glan Llyn development site are paying”.

It was noted that these are beyond the scope of the planning department, and are a matter for residents to take up with the management company.

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