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When it comes to crafting, Cotton is just one of the many crucial resources you’ll need to obtain plenty of in order to progress in V Rising. In this cotton guide, you will learn how to get and find Cotton, how to farm Cotton and get Cotton Seeds, and how to unlock and craft cotton yarn, a key material needed to craft numerous pieces of armor and cloaks.

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How to Get Cotton

Cotton is an essential resource that is needed to craft Cotton Yarn. While Cotton can eventually be planted and planted on your own resource, you’ll need to initially obtain it from Cotton Farm, which can be found across the Dunley Farmlands region — we have a custom map below that details all locations in the region.

Once you reach the Cotton Farms, you’ll find that they are heavily guarded by garlic, which will weaken you and make you more susceptible to damage when exposed. This effect can even stack up to 100 times, with each stack increasing damage taken by 1%.

While it’s not essential to carry the likes of Garlic Resistance Potions or Garlic Fever Antidote, they will make traversing between the farms easier and less risky should you encounter enemies along the way. These potions can all be crafted at an Alchemy Table.

Now, before you go harvesting Cotton or any resource for that matter, make sure you have selected the correct tool — you’ll need a Sword or Slashers to best harvest Cotton — and the Worker Blood Type, as their blood quality effect can increase your yield.

All Cotton Locations in V Rising

Cotton can be obtained at any of the six cotton farms found in the Dunley Farmlands region. However, it is highly recommended that you pick Cotton at the three Cotton Farms located on the eastern side of Dunley Farmlands. These farms are easy to travel between, but they are also close to the nearby Waygates and Cave Passage, which makes traveling from these areas much easier.

How to Farm Cotton and Get Cotton Seeds

While it’s easy to obtain Cotton by raiding the Cotton Farms shown on the map above, you’ll reach a point in V Rising where the only way to progress in the game adequately will be to set aside a location within your Castle walls where you’ ll grow your own plants and essentially create a resource farm.

Now, it’s important to note that seeds are relatively hard to obtain, especially those that cannot be purchased — cotton seeds being one of those. So to get Cotton Seeds, you’ll need either find them when destroying barrels and crates around Cotton Farms or when searching shelves inside the nearby houses. Cotton Seeds can also be obtained when harvesting Cotton at farms; however, the drop rate is quite rare.

Once you have obtained Cotton Seeds, return to your base and place them on an empty plot of land by assigning them to your action bar and pressing the assigned key to the slot to plant them.

Seeds can be placed on both regular dirt/grass, as well as Garden Floors, which are unlocked after defeating the level 34 V Blood, Polora the Feywalker.


After planting the seed, you’ll need to wait several days before they grow Cotton that can be several days before they grow.

How to Get and Make Cotton Yarn

Now that you have gathered enough Cotton, you’re probably wondering how to craft Cotton Yarn? first you’ll need to defeat Beatrice the Tailor, who can be found on the southern side of the Dawnbreak Village in the Dunley Farmlands region, to unlock the Loom and Cotton Yarn recipes.

To build the Loom, you will need 20 Planks, 12 Copper Ingotsand 4 Wool Threads.

With the Loom construction, you will now have the option to craft Cotton Yarn for 20 cotton pieces. This amount can be reduced by 25% should it be placed in a confined room with Tailor’s Floor.

You can put your Cotton Yarn to good use by crafting any of the following items:

  • Loom
  • Tailoring Bench:
    • Hunter’s Cloak
    • Hollowfang Chestguard
    • Hollowfang Leggings
    • Hollowfang Gloves
    • Hollowfang Boots

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