I ditched my boring 9-5 to live in a van and travel, it’s fully electric, has a double bed and I even shower outside

A woman has ditched her dull 9-5 job to travel the world in a converted van.

Amy Nicholson, 35, from Kent revealed she converted the van for just £10,000 during the lockdown.


Amy Nicholson decided to swap living with her parents to travel on the open roadCredit: Jam Press
Her sofa and table transform into a double bed


Her sofa and table transform into a double bedCredit: Jam Press

Now living in Cornwall, Amy ditched her office job to work remotely as a marketing consultant.

Amy moved back to her family home after losing her flat during Covid and worked as a marketing assistant in London before realising the 9-5 wasn’t for her.

Her van is fully electric, meaning Amy can have showers outside her van and she turns her sofa into a double bed every night to not miss out on home comforts.

“I decided to buy my first van so I could have some freedom whilst I was forced to live back at home with my parents,” Amy told Need To Know.

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“I fell in love with the simple life, and so decided to swap my van for a bigger one, and one that was not yet converted.”

Amy spent the third lockdown in winter of 2020 to convert the van herself to minimise costs.

“I stripped the van and treated any rust, then added sound deadening and insulation.

“I then put in three windows and a skylight, as well as adding the floor and getting the electric system and solar power panels.

“After this I cladded the walls and ceiling, and painted them.

“I then built and added my headliner shelf and bulkhead wall, which I then covered with the surf mural wallpaper.”

“I bought my MWV High Top Mercedes Sprinter van for £11,000 as a shell, and the conversion cost just under £10,000 altogether,” she added.

Amy then built and added furniture, including the sofa and table which turns into her double bed.

She then finished up the kitchen area as well as adding all the overhead cabinets.

Amy said: “The whole build took me about six months, but only working on it a few days a week.”

The digital nomad has spent the last year traveling across Europe including Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Devon, as well as through Portugal and Spain.

She said: “Being a nomad has enabled me to meet people from all walks of life, to be inspired by different cultures, and to experience some amazing adventures.

“But the hard thing is being away from my friends and family back home, and also lacking a routine. It can get exhausting always moving and always searching for the next thing.

“There are of course small annoyances, like having to empty my toilet or running out of water midway through washing my face.

“But having the freedom to park my home wherever I want tops all of these cons!

“I have made some amazing connections because of my adventures in the van – especially meeting like-minded people who just get this way of life.

“But equally, being always on the move makes it hard to sustain those relationships when I’m always leaving.”

Amy is currently looking forward to her future travel plans, which include traveling out of the UK.

She added: “My plan is to go back to Portugal after a summer in England, and do a big road trip there in the van, chasing the sun and surf.

“I don’t have to make any changes as my van is already set up for full time living as it is.

“I would also love to explore Italy in the van, especially the lakes and the Dolomites, and I’d love to go back to Africa and do a road trip there. So much still left to see!”

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Amy has shared some advice for anyone looking to go and fulfill their nomad dream.

She said: “I would suggest renting a campervan first and going out on a trip. That way you can really experience this way of life before you invest in your own.”

Amy's home on wheels is fully electric and can be powered by solar panels


Amy’s home on wheels is fully electric and can be powered by solar panelsCredit: Jam Press
Amy stripped the van to nothing to create her dream space


Amy stripped the van to nothing to create her dream spaceCredit: Jam Press
She travels Europe looking for the most picturesque spots


She travels Europe looking for the most picturesque spotsCredit: Jam Press

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