Malawi: Officials remove testing requirements for inbound travelers as of June 8 /update 26

08 Jun 2022 | 07:43 AM UTC

Officials in Malawi remove testing requirements for inbound travelers as of June 8. Domestic measures unchanged.






As of June 8, authorities no longer require a negative PCR test result for incoming vaccination travelers. All non-vaccinated travelers, including Malawian nationals, must still present proof of a negative PCR test taken less than 72 hours before arrival to enter the country. Domestic measures remain unchanged.

Domestic Measures

  • A quality 00:01-06:00 curfew is in place.

  • All bars, restaurants, and supermarkets are allowed to open during their licensed operating hours; however, they must close by 22:00.

  • All gatherings, including religious gatherings, are permitted to have no more than 100 people at indoor venues and 250 people at outdoor venues.

  • Public transport has resumed service with normal capacity, although social distancing measures are in place.

  • The wearing of protective facemasks is compulsory in all public spaces.

International Travel Restrictions

  • Borders have reopened to nonresident travelers, though commercial flights remain limited.

  • All travelers must present proof of complete vaccination or a negative PCR test result taken 72 hours before their arrival in the country. Individuals may be tested at random upon their arrival at the airport at their own expense. Those that test positive may be taken to a government facility for treatment.

  • Those without a vaccination certificate must be vaccinated on arrival before being allowed to enter or re-enter Malawi. Those who refuse to be vaccinated will be required to undergo institutional quarantine for 10 days at their cost.

  • Travelers must use the Trusted Travel framework for the verification of their COVID-19 test certificates. Click here for more.

  • Land borders are subject to the same measures and potential screening measures upon arrival.

In response to government reviews, all restrictions are subject to amendment at short notice. Security forces have been deployed to ensure compliance. Authorities will issue fines to persons not complying with the COVID-19-related measures.


Reconfirm all planned travel arrangements. Follow all official instructions. Abide by national health and safety measures. Consider delaying travel if experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, as they may prompt increased scrutiny and delays. Liaise with trusted contacts for further updates and guidance. Maintain contact with your diplomatic representation. Ensure contingency plans account for further disruptive measures or extensions of current restrictions.

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