MCN Spotlight Player of the Week: Maddy Reed

Last week our Spotlight Player was one of three seniors on Marion County’s softball team, so this week we went to the county rival South Pittsburg High School to talk to one of their seniors who will help lead their team this year: Maddy Reed.

Maddy has been at South Pittsburg since she was in kindergarten, she said her favorite things about the school are, “the community and the teachers and the sports,” she said. Maddy said that she can feel the support from the community that comes with suiting up and playing sports for the Pirates.

She said she has been playing softball since she was five years old after watching her family members play on the diamond, “all my cousins ​​played baseball or softball,” she said. As soon as she hit the sixth grade she started playing for the Pirates, “I used to play rec ball and select ball and that kind of pushed me into it,” Maddy said, but she soon realized that playing for your school is a lot different than playing for fun, “it’s a lot different. High school ball is more intense, you get more hype, and rec ball is more just chill,” she said. The atmosphere in the dugout is what stands out most about high school ball compared to rec ball, “it gets very loud, it’s very intense when we score, we get super hyped up,” she said.

Maddy said it was probably about eighth grade when she realized that the sport of softball was something that she could really excel at, “my old coach pushed me to be better and wanted me to play in college and all that, and I felt like I could become better,” she said.

Maddy said that she has made a number of improvements compared to her first few years in high school, “my pitching has improved a lot since my freshman year,” she said. While she likes pitching, she said, “my favorite position is third base, I don’t know why, I just like playing third base.”

As far as the things that Maddy wants to work on this season, “improving my pitching and improving on my hitting, at least hit it over one more time,” she said. She said that hitting a home run was her favorite memory from high school softball, “I was very happy, I was very excited, I was smiling running the bases.”

As far as any opponent that Maddy is looking most forward to playing, Maddy said, “Jasper again. We’ve always been wanted a rival team, we’ve always been wanted to beat them.” Maddy said that she only had one win over the Warriors when she was in eighth grade, but she’ll have her chance to get some revenge on April 22 as the Warriors travel to South Pittsburg for the two teams final meeting of the season.

Maddy has the skills to potentially play at the next level, but she said she’s fine with leaving her softball days in high school, “I really don’t want to play softball in college, it’s going to be stressful, just now starting college, have to find a job and everything,” she said.

While her days on the diamond may come to an end this season, she has her eyes set for what she wants to do in the future, and much like softball it will be continuing another tradition in her family, “I think I want to be a travel nurse,” she said. “Well most of my family have been nurses so that basically makes me want to be one.”

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