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The American Board of Wound Management has declared June as National Wound Healing Awareness Month and The Clinic’s wound care specialist, Stephanie Mowdy, is happy to bring the subject to the forefront and her expertise as a provider to rural communities.

“Initiation of advanced wound care is vital to prevent loss of limb, sepsis, and even the possible loss of life,” said Mowdy, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). “Prevention of these changes is vital to maintain a patient’s mobility and independence.”

Wound care is the provision of advanced treatment modalities to promote healing of the acute and chronic wound in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of pain, while maintaining optimal quality of life for the patient.

“The skin is the human body’s largest organ and any interruption in its integrity predisposes a person to risk of infection and greatly affects a person’s body image,” Mowdy said. “It’s especially important in the patient with diabetes or other comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease.”

Mowdy provides advanced wound care for diabetic foot ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, lymphedema management, traumatic ulcers, auto-immune ulcers, burns, and episodes of surgical wound dehiscence. As wound care is a wide-ranging discipline, she frequently interacts with many other fields of health care. Her involvement depends on the wound.

“A patient who experiences a wound should normally have resolution of that area within one to two weeks,” Mowdy said. “Any wound that extends beyond that time requires the provision of advanced wound care. Persons experiencing burns, diabetic foot wounds, or wounds associated with vascular disease are encouraging to seek out advanced wound care as soon as the ulcer or wound is identified.”

Mowdy, a North Dakota native, started her career in health care as an intensive care nurse. It was during this decade-long service that she discovered a passion for wound care.

“During those 10 years, I encountered numerous patients with multiple wound types who had experienced delayed wound healing,” she said. “And many times, those patients experienced loss of limbs or other complications that altered their entire lives. So, I developed an interest in working to help prevent that and return them to their normal activities as quickly as possible.”

Mowdy obtained her Nursing degree from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. She completed her APRN education at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and earned her doctorate in Nursing from Oklahoma City University. She has completed multiple advanced certifications, including certification as a wound, ostomy, and continuity nurse (CWOCN); foot care provider (CFCN); and diabetes educator (CDE). She’s been with The Clinic since 2020.

“Years ago, wound care treatments that are now available at The Clinic were only available in a larger city or at a hospital,” Mowdy said. “The patient had to travel an extended distance multiple times per week. We are now able to offer these services in our own community in one location. This not only makes it easier for the patient, but also explains the patient’s expenses. The Clinic supports me in providing advanced wound care that does not only meet the standard but exceeds it. Our wound care is consistent with the very best advanced wound care available anywhere.”

Mowdy, who once opened the first advanced wound care clinic and hyperbaric center in Ada at Valley View Regional Hospital, said she cannot overstate the importance of providing this kind of comprehensive wound care to local patient populations.

“Treatment of the complicated, acute, or chronic wound requires care over an extended period of time,” she said. “Our goal is to achieve wound healing in a timely manner. Many of The Clinic’s patients are simply unable to travel. Having local access to wound care helps decrease their pain and suffering. It prevents further complications, mitigates risks, and reduces hospitalizations.”

If you are in need of advanced wound care or have questions related to wound care, please contact Mowdy at The Clinic at 580-436-5111.


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