How to get Paxlovid, a pill that helps prevent COVID hospitalization : Shots

The Pfizer COVID treatment Paxlovid can be a challenge to get quickly. Fabian Sommer/Picture Alliance via Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Fabian Sommer/Picture Alliance via Getty Images The Pfizer COVID treatment Paxlovid can be a challenge to get quickly. Fabian Sommer/Picture Alliance via Getty Images If you’ve just tested positive for COVID-19, and you … Read more

This Couple Build Tiny Homes on Wheels

Project Yonder/Sebastian Hughes Overhauling an old van into the perfect camper seems like an intimidating task, but for Charlie Hughes and Grace Robertson from Project Yonder, creating mini homes on wheels is how they roll. Specializing in handmade camper vans for off-grid adventures, their first conversion project started with an old LWB Volkswagen Crafter in … Read more

Bouncing Back: The Remaining Obstacles to a Full Travel Rebound

More than two years after the world shut down unnecessary travel, the hospitality industry is getting back to normal. Sarah Dandashy reflects on the latest trends in tourism around the US and beyond. With increased routes offered by airlines, lifted restrictions, and a vaccination world, hospitality is bouncing back. Travelers are opting for more travel … Read more

International Travel: Traveling abroad? This is how much cash you can legally carry

With Covid restrictions being lifted in most countries, international travel is back on the cards for many. But do you know how much foreign currency you an carry when you travel abroad? Under the Reserve Bank of India’s Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS), Indians are allowed to freely remit up to $250,000 (around Rs 1.80 crore) … Read more

California proposes new funding to help low-income and out-of-state abortion seekers | California

California’s governor has announced a new reproductive health spending plan, dedicating an additional $57m to prepare for an influx of people from other states seeking abortions in California. About $40m in Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget would fund grants for abortion providers offering care to low-income patients without health insurance. An additional $15m would go … Read more

Heart of Health Care honorees in York |

Editor’s note: Over the past few years, the York News-Times has celebrated our area nurses during Nurses Week which begins on May 6 every year, which is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. With the understanding of the challenges in the past few years and the dedication above and beyond which our nurses demonstrate, we are happy to … Read more

Constitutional lawyers say travel ban violates Charter

Former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford — who is the only surviving drafter and signatory to the 1982 Constitution and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — is opposed to the federal government’s travel ban OTTAWA — Constitutional lawyers are set to argue against the federal government’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements for air travelers. The action … Read more