Pandemic Has Made Travelers More Aware of the Importance of Travel Insurance, Study Shows

The Coronavirus pandemic has raised the awareness of travelers regarding the importance of purchasing the right travel insurance when visiting any of the European countries.

A market study published by the European Travel Commission, which is the effect of the pandemic on travelers’ attitudes and expectations, amongst others, shows that travelers are now more open to taking out travel insurance in order to mitigate potential financial losses.

The report, named “Exploring Consumer Travel Attitudes and Expectations to Drive Tourism Recoveryhas been developed based on in-depth interviews with consumers from the top European markets – France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, as well as long-haul markets – Australia and the United States.

The third-largest aspect affected by the pandemic is the need to take out travel insurance. Some interviewees have become risk-averse regarding the impact of unforeseen or sudden changes prior to and during their holiday and would like to mitigate a potential financial loss with travel insurance,” the report reads.

Commenting on the way the pandemic has made them more regarding travel insurance, the responding aware in the study claim that since the outbreak of COVID-19, they are more likely to read what their insurance covers in order to be correctly and fully insured.

It made me think about where I want to travel a lot more, if I have the correct insurance, and if I am fully insured. I will be reading up on what is allowed with my insurance,” a British non-international traveler said.

While a French non-international traveler pointed out that he had “never thought about taking a canceling insurance,” adding that now he would “in case the flight or hotel reservation gets cancelled,” reports.

According to the report, due to the pandemic, travelers now prefer to travel more locally or close to their home country so that in case there is a problem, they will be able to return home faster and easier. They are also more aware of the importance of planning solutions for possible hurdles that they may encounter during a trip.

I will plan more now before traveling and get insurance covering COVID-19. I will also travel more in my own country to less populated areas,” an Australian traveler said.

The report also reveals that 80 per cent of answer consider vacationing this summer in a European destination. These travelers hope that the already removed entry restrictions will not be reinstated and that the European countries will not impose new measures on travelers. Yet, they still believe that these destinations must preserve enhanced hygiene standards.

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