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Putnam County Common Pleas Court

The following individuals were indicted Monday by the Putnam County Grand Jury.

John M. Andres, 38, 485 E. Main St., Fort Jennings; domestic violence and assault.

Felipe Martinez, 46, 608 Ohio St., Leipsic; domestic violence and assault. Jason P. Schnipke, 43, 10428 Road H, Ottawa; burglary, menacing by stalking and criminal trespassing.

Jose Hernandez, 23, 255 E. Main St., McComb; felonious assault, failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, resisting arrest and criminal mischief.

Raymond J. Glaze, 52, 9390 State Route 12, Columbus Grove; passing bad checks.

Miles Black, 20, 557 Cole Ave., Akron; two counts making false alarms.

Mitchell J. Gerdeman, 19, 321 N. Tarr St., North Baltimore; theft.

Donald E. Hammons, III, 44, 204 N. Washington St., Van Wert; burglary, grand theft of a motor vehicle and aggravated trafficking in drugs.

Jennifer Vining, 27, 214 Pearl St., Ottawa; aggravated possession of drugs.

Dustin C. Morman, 45, 572 S. Oak St., Ottawa; three counts aggravated possession of drugs.

Ty A. Castillo, 31, 519 Ohio St., Leipsic; escape.

March 21

Nathaniel D. Tucker, Cloverdale, was granted a divorce from Brandi J. Tucker, Carey. They were married Sept. 25, 2010 and have three children.

March 28

Matthew P. Mailhot, 42, 17 E. Erie St., Painesville, plead guilty to telecommunications harassment. He faces up to 12 months in prison and $2,500 in fines. Bond was continued while a pre-sentence investigation is conducted with sentencing set for 8:30 am May 9.

Tanya A. Kurtz, 324 S. Main St., Arlington, was serving to 210 days in jail for violating community control standards. The violations included failing to obtain a travel permit, leaving the state of Ohio without permission, and failing to pay restitution. She was placed on five years community control and given credit for 180 days served. She must obtain and maintain employment and complete all recommended counseling and treatment. She was granted work release if approved by the facility. She was originally attempted of attempted identity fraud and theft.

Rocket Mortgage, LLC, Detroit, Mich., was granted a foreclosure against Sheila L. Peth, Pandora, and Kevin P. Peth, Pandora, in the amount of $54,410.78, plus interest and costs.

March 30

Justin R. Winstead, Continental, was granted a divorce from Renee A. Winstead, Columbus Grove. They were married April 21, 2007 in Columbus Grove and have three children.

New Cases

Jennifer L. Coil, Continental, v. Andrew Poucher, Paulding; divorce with children.

Barbara Lauth, and Thomas Lauth; dissolution of marriage without children.

Ashley T. Arroyo, Kalida, v. Devon J. Krendl, Lima; divorce with children.

Union Home Mortgage Corp., Ewing, NJ, etc. Dru A. Troyer, Continental, and Brett M. Brown, Continental; foreclosure.

Discover Bank, New Albany, etc. Susan Lenhart, Ottawa; other civil ($19,413.58).

Putnam County Municipal Court dispositions

March 25

Jeffrey T. Stocklin, 40, 10035 Road 19, Cloverdale, is guilty to an arranged charge of criminal mischief. Sentence: 60 days jail, suspended, $100 fine and complete mental health assessment. He was also plead guilty to resisting arrest. Sentence: 90 days jail, 89 days suspended, $100 fine.

March 29

Flavel G. Vanpelt, 44, 14750 State Route 12, Columbus Grove, plead guilty to an edited charge of obstructing official business. Sentence: 90 days jail, 89 days suspended, $250 fine and complete remedial driver’s course within 90 days. He must also reimburse the county for money extended for legal representation up to $250. He was also fined $150 for inappropriate for conditions.

Keshia Barre, 32, 225 E. Sugar St. Leipsic, plea guilty to an charge of persistent disorderly conduct. Sentence: 30 days jail, 28 days suspended, $250 fine and complete a mental health assessment. A charge of assault was dismissed.

March 31

Ethan A. Mezuk, 31, 204 N. Washington St., Van Wert, is plead guilty to driving under OVI suspension. Sentence: 180 days jail, 170 days suspended, $250 fine, license suspended one year, sentence to be served concurrent to Van Wert County case.

Putnam County Municipal Court judgments

March 31

Resurgent Receivables, LLC, Greenville, SC, default judgment v. Juley Vanwagner, Ottawa, $719.63, plus interest and costs totaling $95.

LVNV Funding, LLC, Greenville, SC, default judgment v. Christopher C. Kline, Leipsic, $2,315.23, plus interest and costs totaling $95.

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