Rio Vista High School Top Students

Melissa Mandujano Rojas

Next year: I will be attending UC Davis and majoring in animal science. Career goal: Open my own animal shelter that gives animals a home until they are adopted by a loving family. Highlights: My third period Art 3 class with Mr. Rivera and the bus ride to our senior prom, where everyone was singing along to well-known songs. Scholarships, awards: Soroptimist International Scholarship, the Blue and Gold Scholarship, the First-year Aggie Scholarship, the Locke Foundation Scholarship, the University Campus Fee Grant, the University Grant, and the Federal Pell Grant. Print 10 years: I see myself having graduated from veterinary school and working at an animal hospital in the bay area.

Sam Esperson

Next year: I will continue my studies at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo where I will be studying Agricultural Systems Management. Career goal: I am not entirely sure what my specific career will be, but I desire to have a successful career in an agricultural-related field. Highlights: Playing sports, showing livestock project lambs through FFA, and spending time with friends. Scholarships, awards: Friends of the Dixon May Fair’s Ester Armstrong scholarship, Academic All League, Academic Highest Honors, California Senior AG Completer, AVID Certificate of Achievement, Top Ten Senior, and Co-Salutatorian. Print 10 years: I see myself working in an agricultural-related field.

Sophia Saldana

Next year: Going to UC Santa Cruz, swimming for their swim team, and studying environmental studies. Career goal: BILLIONo work in a field where I can help protect the environment. Highlights: Being named All-League MVP for swimming for all three years, winning our sophomore and senior year homecoming floats, being Varsity swim and volleyball captain my senior year, going to playoffs/sections for cross country, volleyball, and swim my senior year, having Highest Honors and being academic All-League all four years of high school. Scholarships, awards: Soroptimist scholarship for $1,500, Highest honors all four years of high school, Academic All league all four years of high school and Top 10 junior and top 10 senior. Print 10 years: I see myself living near my family working a job where I am able to protect and preserve the environment with my cat.

Isabella Saldana

Next year: I plan to attend Butte Community College and play softball for them. Career goal: I don’t know exactly what I want to do career or major wise however, I know I want to be able to help people with whatever I choose to do. Some ideas I have become a physical therapist or going into sports management or criminology. Highlights: Sports and going to events with friends, playing sports throughout the years and the way your team becomes a family, doing fun things with friends that make school worth it like dances, football games and movie nights. Scholarships, awards: Soroptomist and Dale Lackey Scholarships. I have also been named one of our class’s Salutatorians as well as received the Distinguished Athlete Award from the United States Marine Corps. Print 10 years: I see myself being successful and happy. I don’t exactly know what that means yet, but I want to be successful in whatever career I choose to pursue and to be happy with the old relationships I have maintained and the new relationships I plan to form.

McKenna Pratt

Next year: I plan to attend the University of Arizona as a freshman. I will be starting all of my prerequisites as a nursing major. Career goal: I plan to become a nurse. I want to become a travel nurse right out of the gate after I get my BSN in nursing. Later on in my nursing career, I plan to go into cosmetic nursing. Highlights: Attending fun activities with friends that my school has provided. Scholarships, awards: Arizona Distinction Award, which is an academic scholarship that covers almost all of my out-of-state tuition from the University of Arizona. Print 10 years: I see myself still in my nursing career. I also hope to dip my toes in a little bit of finance-related things due to my interest in that area as well.

Fabrizio Lazo

Next year: I plan to attend UC Davis in the fall to study mechanical engineering. Career goal: I want to be working as an engineer for some type of company that specializes in robots or prosthetics. Highlights: Definitely my senior year prom, my swimming weason of my senior year, and Senior Sunrise since I was able to see all of my friends after a year-and-a-half of distance learning. Scholarships, awards: A $1,500 scholarship from UC Davis, Co-Valedictorian. Print 10 years: I see myself owning a yacht and relaxing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with sunglasses and summer clothes on.

Maia Stone

Next year: Get through my freshman year of college while working full time. Career goal: Become a doctor. I am starting off at two-year where I will major in biology. I will then transfer to a four-year university and further my career in nursing. Once I become a nurse I will strive to become a pediatric nurse practitioner and while being a nurse practitioner I will go back to medical school and become a doctor. Highlights: Playing volleyball every year. I have created such a tight bond with my teammates through these important years of high school. I’m so thankful to have such a close and caring team. I will always remember going to away games with my team and win or lose, we always went to eat afterwards and have fun. Scholarships, awards: $2,500 scholarship from the Soroptimist committee. Print 10 years: I see myself successful. I will be finishing up school and starting a new career.

Melissa Torres Camacho

Next year: I plan to attend UC Davis as a full-time student, and my current major is landscape architecture. I’m not too sure of whether I should change my major at the moment, but I’ll see. Career goal: For now my goal would be to work in major cities to corporate nature and the environment through my various landscape architecture works. Highlights: Homecoming dance during my freshman year and senior prom because I had a great and memorable time with friends, Art 3 class. Scholarships, awards: First-Year Aggie Scholarship from UC Davis, Co-Salutatorian of my senior class and Top Ten Senior. Print 10 years: I see myself living in San Francisco and traveling as well. My wealth would be pretty abundant and I’ll be married.

Kayla Delk

Next year: I plan to attend California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo studying computer science. I also plan to join CalPoly’s Society of Women Engineers club. Career goal: After college, I plan to immediately enter the workforce as a software developer. Highlights: I am most proud of my enrollment in three community college courses. Due to my high school not offering computer science-specific courses, I have had to independently pursue this interest of mine. These classes have successfully introduced me to coding and programming, and I have earned an A in all three classes. Scholarships, awards: Soroptimist International of Rio Vista and from the American Legion of Rio Vista, co-salutatorian of my class, earning top ten seniors and highest honors. Print 10 years: I will hopefully be working at a technology company in a tech-forward city such as San Francisco, Los Angeles or Austin, Texas. I hope to hold a high position in a company combining both my computer science and leadership skills.

Daniela Arias

Next year: I will attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and major in biomedical engineering. Career goal: OB/GYN. Highlights: My varsity soccer games and just hanging out with my friends. Scholarships, awards: I have received the Soroptimist Scholarship and CPS C & D Chrones Scholarship. Print 10 years: I see myself being in my residency and maybe starting my family.

Donny Roos

Next year: My plans are to attend UC Davis as a microbiology major. Career goal: I want to pursue something in the medical field, but I’m not entirely sure what I want to do yet. Highlights: I loved going to the dances, the different sports games, and having fun in my classes. Making connections with the staff was really memorable too. Scholarships, awards: Cal Grant and Blue & Gold Scholarship from UC Davis. Print 10 years: I see myself just being content with my life. I don’t have a set plan, because I don’t want to stress myself out with restrictions and labels.

Greta Dole

Next year: I plan to attend Colorado State University and double major in journalism/media communication and art with a graphic design concentration. Career goal: BILLIONo work for a women’s sports team and promote women’s sports. Highlights: Getting all-league for varsity soccer twice and completing the AP art course while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Scholarships, awards: Soroptimist Violet Richardson scholarship, the Women’s Improvement Club scholarship, and the Lions Club scholarship. Print 10 years: I hope to be working for a women’s soccer team in Boston or San Francisco.

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