Senior Global Security and Political Officer

Join us as Senior Global Security and Political Officer and you will be supporting all of the security aspects of our work, including coordinating and coordinating countries security and political risks, assisting team travel approval to high-risk, and assisting with physical safety and security in the office and on work-related travel.

ClientEarth is a legal and environmental charity that uses the power of the law to fight against climate change and to protect nature and the environment. We have existing offices in the UK, Europe, the US and China.

This role offers a significant opportunity to develop and enhance your knowledge, skills, and experience within the field of risk management for a growing international NGO.

Main Duties

  • Contribute to the development of initiatives and knowledge sharing and facilitate understanding across the organization on security matters and political risks.
  • Support the Head of Global Operations in writing global and local security and political policies and procedures
  • Research and analysis on political and security risks affecting the organization and its activity
  • Contribute to formal and informal briefs on security and political matters
  • Work with teams to conduct risk assessments to analyze and mitigate security risks
  • Assessment and approval of staff travel plans to high-risk environments

See the job description (below) for a full list of duties for this role.

Role requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Security and/or Risk Management studies or equivalent level of experience
  • Experience in security management and/or planning (essential beginning in a security sector setting such as the Army, Police or an International NGO)
  • Knowledge of security risk assessment processes, contingency planning and crisis management
  • Experience of understanding complex issues, writing reports and preparing comprehensive briefings in a political and security environment
  • Experience of gathering and analyzing information on helping to assess risks
  • Fluent (CEFR Level C2) in English (essential)

See the job description (below) for a full list of requirements for this role.

Further Information

Salaries by location.

This role attracts a salary supplement as follows. All salaries are From the amount listed:

  • Warsaw: 8 294 PLN per month + PLN 2 073.50 per month supplement = PLN 10 367.50 per month, gross.
  • Madrid = €34 420 per annum + €6 884 per annum supplement = €41 304 per annum gross
  • Berlin = €46 315 per annum + €9 263 per annum supplement = €55,578 per annum gross
  • Brussels = €3 410 + €682 per month supplement = €4 092 per month gross

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Flexible working: Our flexible working policy allows our people the choice to decide to work from home in the country where their contract of employment is issued for 80% of their month, with the other 20% of their month being office-based See our Benefits page for more.

ClientEarth values ​​diversity and inclusion and the benefits this brings. We aim to appoint the most suitable candidate at all times and welcome applications from people from all different backgrounds.

Please note that ClientEarth is only able to employ those who have the pre-existing legal right to work in Poland, Spain, Germany or Belgium for this role.

ClientEarth is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal services to third parties.

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