Despite rising prices, Americans are determined to travel this summer |

Inflation can be a real pain in the pocketbook. As a result of rising prices, recent studies reveal Americans are re-thinking their COVID revenge travel plans. Rather than sit another summer out, though, many Americans are simply switching up their vacation destinations. Here’s the current outlook and how money can still be saved on travel. … Read more

Your rights if an airline cancels your flight

Passengers who have been stranded on flights that have been delayed or canceled have found out the hard way that airlines generally won’t help pay for meals or hotels if you get stranded somewhere.So what are your rights?The federal government only requires airlines to refund the money a passenger pays for the ticket.Most airlines say … Read more

COVID-19 travel restrictions ‘no longer make sense’

WASHINGTON (WCSC) – A lobbying group representing major North American airlines wants the Biden Administration to end a federal mask mandate and a requirement that international travelers be tested before boarding a flight. In a letter to President Joe Biden, Airlines for America’s President and CEO, Nicholas Calio, said Wednesday it is time to “sunset … Read more