Oil prices are surging — these eight stocks are still bargains for long-term investors

The combination of underinvestment in new oil wells and rising demand underscores what might be a long period of high prices for energy commodities. Meanwhile, many oil and gas stocks are still trading at low valuations to expected earnings despite a sector-wide rally stretching back to the end of 2020. Even though the energy sector … Read more

AIG Boosts Profit as Catastrophe Losses Narrow, Premiums Are Increased

Global insurance conglomerate American International Group Inc. AIG 0.80% posted strong gains in first-quarter profit, benefiting from reduced catastrophe losses, growth in new business and premium-rate increases. Another of the biggest publicly traded insurances, Prudential Financial Inc., PRU 1.22% swing to a $31 million net loss for the quarter from a year-earlier $2.83 billion net … Read more

The weird new logic of booking flights

Let’s say you Rip-Van-Winkled through the last two years. What about the travel industry would surprise you most? The fact that travel credit cards now offer few travel benefits? Or that the Federal Aviation Administration has developed an “Unruly Passenger Toolkit” that includes — this is real — an official suite of memes? A government-endorsed … Read more

This is the minimum amount of money you should have in savings, pros say

How much money should you have saved? Getty Images/iStockphoto You probably know the emergency fund ‘rule’ — save anywhere from 3-9 months of expenses to cover a potential unexpected expense. And while it’s a great rule to follow, few people actually have that saved — a 2021 GoBanking survey revealed that 40% of Americans have … Read more