The Best Travel-Friendly Beauty Kits And Bundles

Stumped on what to give the mom in your life this Mother’s Day? Consider a beauty bundle or set. This way, she can try new things without having to commit to full-size items, and hopefully, discover a new favorite that suits her skin type and lifestyle. And because the 12 bundles in this gift guide – they’re listed from spendiest to most affordable – are travel-friendly, they won’t weigh down (literally and figuratively) her next trip.

KYPRIS Loving Eyes Collection, $215

Because eyes are so expressive and the surrounding skin so fragile and delicate, give them the care they deserve with this duo. The Illuminating Eye Serum & Primer – which immediately brightens with mica and fortifies over time with peptides – is for day use, while the Ad Astra Eye Cream bathes the skin in rich, hydrating ingredients (like seaweed amino acids and Bacillus) night.

Fracas Le Coffret Opulence Set, $215

Did you know your sense of smell is closely linked with memories, and has the ability to uplift your mood as well? So if you’re looking to give the gift of scent, reach for this elegant set. Founded in 1948, Fracas by Robert Piguet is an unmistakably lush, rich, and iconic tuberose perfume, and today is adored by the world’s most dynamic women, including Madonna and Martha Stewart.

35 Thousand All The Radiance Set, $200

Whether it be for work or leisure, travel is a wonderful privilege. But unfortunately, it can’t take a toll on our complexions. That’s why Misty Reich, a woman who’s juggled various business careers for 23 years, founded 35 Thousand. The core collection is streamlined, multitasking to free up precious space in your luggage, and most importantly, rooted in science and results.

Susanne Kaufmann Mask Discovery Set, $110

Depending on internal and external factors, your skin can fluctuate and change. Meaning: your skincare regimen should be flexible, too. Inspired by the facials at her reknowned spa in Bezau, Austria, this set by Susanne Kaufmann recreates the experience wherever you are by letting you mix and match masks to address your specific skincare concerns at that moment.

Naked Sundays Hot SPF Summer Bundle, $109.19

While sun protection is essential every day of the year, it’s even more important with summer right around the corner. So let this limited-edition bundle from the fun Australian brand Naked Sundays come to the rescue. Inside the pouch: you’ll find the greatest hits, from the award-winning SPF50+Mist top up – which you spritz on over makeup – to the Glow+Go Hydrating Lip Oil SPF50. (Because our precious pouts deserve protection, too.)

OPULUS Beauty Labs AHA Refresh Facial, $105

Has travel rendered your complexion dull and lackluster, but you don’t have time for a proper facial? Then try Opulus. The groundbreaking company specializes in two-step spa-worthy treatments (a potent 12% AHA peel, followed by a neutralizing cleanser) that are blended and warmed in its proprietary Activator for optimal absorption, benefits, and freshness.

Dr Loretta Beauty Sleep Set, $92

Just as it’s crucial to wear sunscreen everyday, it’s important to establish a good nighttime routine. Because when you sleep, that’s when skin best repairs itself. This bundle by dermatologist-backed line Dr Loretta helps you wake up with radiant, dewy skin with just four results-driven products: her Intense Replenishing Serum, Tightening Eye Gel, Tightening Detox Mask, and applicator brush.

Natura Mother’s Day Aqua Duo Set, $78

Keep your gift-giving this Mother’s Day simple yet thoughtful with this limited-edition box from beloved Brazilian beauty brand Natura. The Chronos Aqua Auto-Replenish Gel Hydrator floods the skin with long-lasting moisture and balances the skin’s microbiota, while the Chronos Plumping Bio-Hydrating Serum quickly penetrates for soothing, immediate relief.

Osea Sea Glow Starter Set, $60

There’s lots of natural skincare brands available now, but Osea – founded in 1996 by Jenefer Palmer – was a bonafide trailblazer. Today, it remains a cult favorite with effective formulas that harness the sea’s natural benefits. This chic pouch containing minis of Osea’s greatest hits is a perfect way to introduce the mom in your life to the brand’s time-tested appeal.

Repêchage Hydra Dew Pure Starter Collection, $70

Since launching Repêchage in 1980, Lydia Sarfati has established herself as an industry leader in clean skincare. Especially well-suited for dry and parched skin types, this collection features five travel-friendly items, from the Hydra Dew Pure™ Gentle Foaming Cleanser to the Hydra Dew Pure™ Eye Contour Cream, to maintain soft and supple skin all day and night.

Philip B Ultimate Weekender Set, $48

Ditch the hotel hair products, which are typically formatted with harsh fragrances and sulfates, and turn to this edited kit instead. Filled with the celebrity hairstylist line’s best sellers, this quartet of shampoos and conditioners delivers clean, touchably soft, and most importantly, healthy locks with no icky ingredients.

BioRepublic Lost Baggage Under Eye Emergency Repair Masks, $44.99 (set of 10)

Give dark circles and puffiness around the eyes – where the thin skin is susceptible to showing signs of stress first – instant, visible relief with these biodegradable biocellulose patches infused with peptides, hyaluronic acid, and squalene. Simply apply for 20 minutes, gently pat in the remaining serum, and marvel at how bright-eyed you look.

Everyday Humans Sunshine Sampler Set, $18

Daily suncreen is a non-negotiable, but the problem is many versions are sticky or leave behind a telltale white cast. Enter Everyday Humans, and its just-launched duo of face and body SPF. In addition to being perfectly portable, both formulas are wonderfully lightweight, absorb in a flash, and made with ingredients that are good for you and the planet.


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