The story of Evelyn DeBruyn

Evelyn DeBruyn Van Dorp was a pioneer.

She was the daughter of David DeBruyn, born in 1878. David was the son of Robertus DeBruyn, Zeeland’s first schoolteacher. Robertus later served as Zeeland’s “constable.”

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In 1883, after Jacob Den Herder’s bank was robbed, David shared guard duty with his father, sleeping in the bank.

In 1884, Den Herder and his son-in-law, Albert LaHuis, co-founded LaHuis Grocery and Dry Goods. In 1893, LaHuis hired David. In 1904, LaHuis gave him a third of the business — later increased to 49 percent. Around that time, David married Henrietta “Trixie” Bosch. Together, they had three children: Robert, Donald and Evie, born in 1916.

In 1928, tragedy struck. Trixie died in August, at age 48, from a lingering illness. Then, in September, the bodies of Albert and Christina Den Herder LaHuis and their real estate agent were found at the bottom of a canyon on the California coast.

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