The Top Tech Essentials You Should Take on a Business Trip

Are you heading off on a business trip? Whether you’re going to a conference, a sales presentation, or even an interview, packing for a work trip is entirely different from packing for leisure.

You’ll want to remain connected and productive away from the office. But forget to take the right charger or headphones and your business plans will be in disarray. So, before suiting up and jetting off to impress your clients and colleagues, prep for the occasion with these tech essentials for your business trip.

1. Connectivity Devices

If you need to access your cloud storage or just the plain old internet, hopefully, your hotel or workplace will provide you with access to Wi-Fi. But what about connectivity when you’re in transit?

Portable Hotspots

These remove any anxiety about not being able to get online. Portable Wi-Fi hotspots work by connecting to a cellular network and then sharing that connection with your Wi-Fi-enabled device—all without cables!

Remember: if you’re tempted to use public hotspots due to convenience, they aren’t always secure. Instead, opt for a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that is compatible with multiple carriers.

Streaming Device

Being away from home means entertainment can be thin on the ground. Prepare for downtime on the move by investing in a streaming device. For example, the Amazon Fire TV Stick device will hook you up with all your favorite shows via Netflix, Disney, HBO Max, Apple TV, Prime, and more. You’ll plug it into a TV’s HDMI port, then sit back and relax ahead of tomorrow’s meeting.


2. Power Accessories

The last thing you want to worry about is running out of charge when you’re waiting for your flight or are about to deliver a presentation. Make sure you’ve added the following power essentials to your arsenal, and don’t forget to invest in cable ties to organize your tech while traveling.

Universal Travel Adapter

If you’re venturing overseas, always check the type of sockets used in your destination country before you travel. There’s nothing worse than landing on foreign soil only to discover none of your equipment will work. A universal travel adapter is a small and simple bit of kit to fit into your luggage so this problem never arises.

Power Banks

Even though the latest devices are often available with extended battery capacities, you won’t want them to run out of charge when you don’t have access to power. This is where a power bank is an indispensable accessory to bring on your travels.

When choosing a power bank to charge your devices on a business trip, you’ll want the perfect blend of portability and convenience. Some power banks offer wireless charging too if you prefer to go cable-less.

Other features include advanced safety, the size of the power bank, and the number of ports (which is important if you want to charge multiple devices in one hit.)

3. Audio Accessories

Once you’ve powered up your devices, make sure you have the necessary audio equipment, so you can get stuck into your work without disturbing fellow passengers or colleagues.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

The Sony WH-1000XM4 offers a pair of the most durable noise-canceling headphones available on the market. They come equipped with 30 hours of battery life and can be paired with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. If you need to take a work call, the headphones also have a built-in mic. Best of all, these headphones are foldable, making them perfect to slip into your hand luggage.


Bluetooth speakers are also a useful addition to your tech essentials. Maybe you want to unwind by listening to music in your hotel after a hard day at work, or perhaps you need to upgrade the audio during a sales pitch you’re giving? Either way, choose a slimline Bluetooth speaker for your luggage.

4. Privacy Essentials

One of the risks of working on the move is you never know who’s lurking nearby. If you have confidential information on your devices (and let’s face it—we all do!), then take precautions.

Privacy Screen Filter

When typing on a laptop in public, use a privacy screen filter to safeguard the information on your screen. From sensitive client data to your credit card details, usernames, and passwords, there’s plenty that could fall into the wrong hands when your screen is visible in public.

That’s where a privacy screen filter comes in. The glare-minimizing matte filter works by blocking the view from either side but still provides a super clear display for the person using the device. Screen privacy protectors for iPhones and tablets are also available.

Pro tips: if you’re buying a screen specifically for your business trip, always make sure it’s the correct size for your laptop.

Document Organizer

From your passport and visas to business credit cards and personal debit cards, you won’t want these important documents falling into the wrong hands.

Secure your essential travel documentation in a travel organizer that uses RFID-blocking technology, so you can be confident that cybercriminals won’t be able to do their worst.

5. Expenses Software

If you’re traveling for business rather than pleasure, hopefully, your employer is footing the bill. But usually, this requires some sort of expense tracking, so you can be reimbursed for the accumulated costs during your trip. Download a simple expenses app like Expensify and you won’t need to worry about holding onto loose receipts and tickets again.

It’s so much easier to reconcile your corporate expenses when you report and submit them in real-time. You can even track mileage too!

Bonus Item

If you’re headed anywhere warmer than your hometown, you’ll need to dress appropriately and stay cool, especially if you’re feeling slightly stressed about the meeting or presentation ahead of you.

Try using a personal fan for your iPhone for a spritz of fresh air. Choose a mini-fan that plugs straight into your device’s USB port. You’ll cool down in no time.

Packing Your Business Trip Essentials

Now you know exactly which tech essentials to pack for your trip, the only thing left is to make sure you know how to stay calm and relaxed away from home. Follow self-care tips like switching to dark mode and using meditative apps, so you stay healthy while traveling.

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