These Are Elle Fanning’s Beauty Travel Essentials

When I log onto my video interview with Elle Fanning, it’s 6:30am in the morning. I’m fighting my grogginess, but the 24-year-old actress is ready to go—calling in from Paris at the Cannes Film Festival, she’s sporting chic satin silver dress, and her blonde mane in luscious waves. The audio is a bit shawty at first, but once we get into the conversation everything flows naturally. Fanning, who is the younger sister of Dakota, has also been acting since she was a child. After her breakthrough in 2011’s Super 8she went on to star in films like The Neon Demon, 20th Century Women and The Beguiled. Currently, she stars in Amazon Prime Video’s TV series, The Great. While Fanning isn’t promoting any of her own work at the festival, she’s there anniversary on behalf of L’Oreal Paris, the iconic beauty brand who is celebrating their 25th. We chatted with Fanning on her most memorable Cannes experience, the importance of women in film and her top red carpet tips.

Cannes is one of the first big film festivals of the year. How does it feel to be at the festival?

I think especially after the pandemic, I was curious how the festival would feel. I have to say it’s really celebratory, like, everyone is just excited to be here. It’s very busy and— I was at the Top Gun first last night, which was epic—it was huge and fun. It’s just really nice to be at a film festival where we’re honoring, being in a movie theatre, creativity in cinema. I didn’t have a film this year, but I got to come with L’Oreal Paris, and they’re celebrating their 25th anniversary. So we had a little birthday party dinner last night—[there was] sparkling champagne with big sparklers coming out of them. It was a big celebration and [especially with] everything that Cannes has done with L’Oreal Paris over the years—they’re supportive of women and they have this beautiful Light On Women award, honoring a woman and her short film. I’m happy to be part of it.

This isn’t your first Cannes. What’s your most memorable moment from a previous year?

I have so many. So the first Cannes I went to was on my senior prom, and my mom actually flew my date to come here [to celebrate] prom night in Cannes. Obviously it’s not very relatable but it was really fun. We got to dance with Leonardo DiCaprio. We’re like ‘it’s our prom!’ So that was one, and then I got to be a jury member in 2019 which was really special— that was the year Parasite won, which was such a good movie.

You’re also attending the festival on behalf of L’Oreal Paris, whom you’ve been working with since 2017—what initially drew you to the brand?

I remember I was in New York and we met. They talked about the values ​​of their brand, which really aligns with mine. I think they’re so inclusive and so embracing [of] all types of women—different skin colours, different sizes, different ages— it’s really the one brand that you know their tagline ‘because you’re worth it.’ I’ve heard it my whole life, growing up it’s always been around or been you’ve seen those commercials— but it is so true. It is a beauty brand, but beauty is so much more than that because it is about expression. It can either just be taking care of yourself which, you need to have self love and self pampering and just you know simple act of like washing your hair is a form of self love. But then also, with makeup, it’s like a form of self expression. I take it as a creative outlet. I’m pretty subdued on my off days, but if I’m going out on the red carpet, I like to try the trends and of course, have fun.

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