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Can you get travel insurance if you have cancer? Yes, you can – and this helpful guide tells you everything you need to know to make sure you’re properly covered

When it comes to buying travel insurance for cancer patients, there are a few extra steps it is to advise right take to ensure you have the cover.

These include taking clearance that you are fit to travel from your doctor and answering all the medical questions about your condition. This may add a little extra time to the application process, but it is worth it for the peace of mind of knowing you are protected if anything goes wrong.

Here’s what you need to consider when inquire holiday insurance for cancer patients.

Can you get travel insurance if you have cancer?

Yes, a number of insurances offer comprehensive cover for people with cancer, as well as those in remission. In both instances, you should be able to get single-trip and annual travel insurance policies.

However, not all insurers offer policies for people with pre-existing health conditions. That doesn’t mean that if you have cancer, travel insurance is out of reach, but you should make sure to read the fine print on your policy.

The Telegraph Media Group Travel Insurance Service is provided by AllClear, a travel insurance provider who specialises in providing for customers with medical conditions, including those who have, or have recovered from cancer.

Travel insurance with cancer

If you are currently living with cancer, you should first check with your doctor to make sure you are well enough to travel. Some travel insurance providers may require a letter from your doctor to confirm you are fit to travel. AllClear underwriters won’t ask you to provide documentation confirming this at the point of sale but you may need confirmation when you are making a claim.

When you apply for a policy which covers pre-existing medical conditions, your insurance provider will ask you to complete a medical screening process to assess how likely you are to make a claim.

If you are traveling with someone who has cancer, and want them to be included on your policy, you will also need to provide their medical details.

Travel insurance after cancer

When it comes to buying travel insurance for people who have had cancer and are in remission, insurance providers usually require customers to answer medical questions about their past illness and treatments.

What questions will you need to answer?

When arranging travel insurance for cancer patients, it is important for the insurance provider to have all relevant information about your health to provide the correct cover. In addition to the usual questions about your trip, you should be prepared to answer a range of questions about your health and any past or planned treatment.

These could include:

  • Where the cancer is or was
  • When you were diagnosed
  • Whether the cancer has spread
  • How advanced the cancer is and whether it is terminal
  • What treatment you are currently receiving, have had in the past or have planned in the future
  • What medication(s) you are taking, including current symptoms and side-effects
  • What medical equipment you will need during your trip
  • What surgery you have had in the past or have planned

It would be wise to gather this information and prepare your answers before you begin your quote.

What should you make sure your cancer travel insurance covers?

Some travel insurance providers may use a cancer exclusion, which means you can’t claim for any expenses related to your cancer. Make sure your provider does not exclude cancer from your policy; AllClear will not exclude cancer, and can provide cover should you fall ill while you are away.

Make sure your cancer (and any other medical conditions) are fully declared so that you know you are covered if you have a medical emergency while on holiday.

Travel insurance for cancer patients also needs to cover all the usual things that may go wrong on your trip as well, such as cancellations outside your control, lost or stolen baggage or other accidents. You also may need specialist travel insurance for certain types of holiday including if you are going skiing or on a cruise.

You should also check how much excess you will need to pay if you make a claim and what your cover limits are to make sure they are adequate for your needs.

Can I use my GHIC in Europe?

If you are traveling within Europe and need emergency medical treatment, you can use your Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) to access the local healthcare system. Treatment may be free or you may need to pay for it.

If you still have one of the old European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC), you can continue to use it until it expires. Check your card’s expiry date before you travel – you can apply for a new GHIC free of charge.

However, these cards are not an adequate replacement for travel insurance. They provide access to basic healthcare services, but won’t cover you if you need medical transport back home, for example. If you are traveling with cancer, taking out an adequate travel insurance policy will provide you with much better cover.

How much is travel insurance for cancer patients?

The cost of cover will vary from person to person depending on factors such as your age, the time since your diagnosis and your prognosis, as well as the length of your trip and your destination. For example, medical care in the USA can be very expensive, so this may be taken into account. Your insurer will consider your individual details when calculating the cost of your policy.

Always be honest when applying for insurance. If you need to make a claim and have not declared all relevant information, your claim may be invalidated.

How to find travel insurance for you

Don’t let your cancer diagnosis hold you back. Live life to the whole with a comprehensive travel insurance policy via the Telegraph Media Group Travel Insurance Service. Its policies, provided by AllClear, are available for people with pre-existing medical conditions including cancer. AllClear’s policies also include Covid-19 cover.

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