Travel Warning Issued for Britons Entering Portugal Due to Confusion Over E-gates

Authorities in the United Kingdom have once again issued a travel warning in order to clarify entry requirements for Britons who plan to visit Portugal.

Such a travel warning has been published after Portugal’s e-gate policy has often been criticized for causing confusion among travelers, reports.

According to local media reports, citizens of the UK were told that they would be fast-tracked via check-ins soon after they reached the country, similar to other EU citizens. Besides, it ensures that Britons were eligible to use e-gates, which are used in order to verify the passport holder’s identity, and be excluded from control queues that citizens from countries outside the European Union have to follow.

Recently, the UK’s government updated its travel advice to airports such as Porto, Lisbon, Faro and Funchal in order to further clarify entry requirements for Britons who plan to visit Portugal

However, the latest advice issued by the Government of the United Kingdoms, among others, notes:

“Check your passport is stamped by the border officer when you enter and exit Portugal as a visitor. You can use the staffed immigration booths, or if you are aged 18 and over, the e-gates are designated for the UK and some other non-EU nationals. Hand your passport for stamping to the border officer after you have passed through the e-gate.”

The update has been issued in order to ensure that UK travelers are aware of the important role that passport stamps have in policing its 90-day visa-free period for short stays.

“Border guards use passport stamps to check you’re complying with the 90-day visa-free limit for short stays in the Schengen area,” the guidance says.

It further notes that in case relevant entry or exit stamps are not in the traveler’s passports, a border officer may presume that the passenger has overstayed the visa-free limit.

The notes guidance that if passengers are missing entry/exit stamps, they are eligible to present proof of when they entered or exited the borderless area of ​​Schengen and also as the border officer to add this date as well as the location in their passports.

It has also been that the entry requirements related to the situation Coronavirus continue to remain effective.

All persons who are fully vaccinated against the virus are allowed to enter the country without being required to undergo a testing process, while Britons who either have not completed their immunisation process or are partially vaccinated will be required to present a negative result of the COVID- 19 test, in order to be permitted to enter the country.

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