Trekking checklist: 4 essentials you need to carry for your next adventure

It is said that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters the most! If you have decided to go on that wild journey of trekking then it is extremely vital to make a list of trekking gears to avoid any complications. The adventure of trekking is worth the experience but to avoid any hefty challenges here we bring you a list of must-haves that always have your back if you are heading for trekking.

1. Water bottle/ filter

Proper hydration is a must to keep you going and that is why a water bottle is the very basic requirement of trekking. Make sure to buy a leakproof water bottle so that you can keep it anywhere. Water filter is another trending thing that you can invest in. It is small and easy to carry and you know what’s more? It can easily fit into any chain of your backpack. While passing through the river, streams or waterfall, you can get filtered clean water without any hassles or chaos through the help of this filter.

2. Snacks especially healthy

Fuelling yourself up with the correct nutrients is the key to covering miles and miles without any health complications. Munching on healthy items revs up your energy levels as well. You can pack good quantities of trail mix, kala chana, nuts and seeds in your bag to get a steady dose of nutrients. Furthermore, these items are easy to pack as it does not take a lot of space and also save you from spillovers.

Healthy Snacking

3. Ultralight backpack

This goes even without saying, a backpack that is extremely light in weight, organized and comfortable ease out your journey by balancing the loads evenly on both the shoulders. It keeps you relaxed and you can simply cover the way without any burden. Choose the type of bag as per the distance you are trying to cover with respect to the number of days you are planning.

4. Headlamp

Flashlights and torch lights have become outdated! Headlamps are extremely versatile, quite light in weight, and guess what? They don’t even require any space! Just put it on your head and you are good to go. No difficulty taking it out from the bag in a nerve-wracking condition, just tilt your head in the direction you want to go and the light goes with you!

Head Lamp

These are the most essential things you need during trekking! This list can be modified as per the trip or the place you are choosing! Enjoy and keep yourself safe during the journey with these essentials. We wish you a very happy and safe journey!

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