What to expect at ITIC APAC 2022

On the agenda at ITIC APAC 2022

Keynote speaker Liz Ortiguera, CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), will be tackling the question which is on the minds of many business owners. What does the future hold for travel in the region? Liz will be sharing PATA’s statistics on travel trends and a forecast of what the travel insurance industry might expect to see as both business and leisure travel return.

Elsewhere, we look at focus on the plethora of digital health platforms that allow clients to monitor their wellness levels, asking just how secure, stable and scalable these solutions are.

John Spears of Global Excel Management will be challenging us to consider just what insurances want and need from an assistance company in remote or difficult to access regions, while Dr Fong Sau Shung, Consultant General Surgeon of Raffles Medical Group will be sharing how Hospital Innovation is improving outcomes for patients and reducing length of stay, which could help insurers trying to contain ever-increasing medical costs.

The pandemic, combined with recent relief comprehensively thrown, have the importance of health insurance and assistance into sharp companies, but are policies keeping up with demand, and how ensure networks are reactive enough to cope with what customers need? David Burns, CEO of First Assistance and Bruno Auplat, Head of Global Networks for Europ Assistance will be joined by Majid Benchaiba, Regional Head of Partnership Development, Travel & EW for AXA Life & Health Reinsurance Solutions, for this discussion of how insurances and assistance companies reacting to the change in priorities they are seeing among their clients.

The provision of international patient care, reputational risk management, and the rise of digital healthcare, insurtech and innovation in Asia will also be covered by expert speakers at the event.

The ITIC Medical Directors’ Forum, a mainstay session at our Global Conference, joins the APAC roster for the first time this year, offering the opportunity to share medical assistance cases which have proven medically and logistically challenging and take part in a post-case peer review. Led by Dr Winston Jong, Medical Director of EMA Global, discussions of the details of cases (no matter the outcome) is a valuable learning experience for operational medical teams, assistance claims handlers, insurances and underwriters, into best practices no matter the circumstances.

ITIJ will be reporting on the conference sessions and posting updates on www.itij.com throughout the event, followed by a full write up on the sessions, exhibition and networking events.

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