Winnebago’s 500,000th RV Is A Rugged 4×4 Overlanding Camper Based On A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Milestones are an important celebration for any company, especially when the company is a maker of motorhomes. While the market for motorhomes is somewhat niche, to say the least, it’s also rather volatile with things like the economy, traffic and camping laws, and out-of-the-blue pandemics affecting sales in a big way.

That said; the pandemic bit, as in Covid-19 proved to be a boon to motorhome builders as people eschewed public transport vacays in favor of safe and personal travel options, like motorhomes. Winnebago, one of the key players in the motorhome-making industry, managed to make its 500,000 motorhome, but unlike the massive ones of yore, this one is way sleeker and based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

Rolling off the 500,000th motorhome was a big day for Winnebago, and this RV manufacturer wanted to let every employee into the celebrations, which is why operations were halted throughout to let everyone join in the fun and joy.

So here’s what happened when the 500,000th Winnebago rolled off the aisle, and why it was a celebration in the first place.

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The 500,000th Winnebago Represents Longevity

Winnebago, American Motorhomes Manufacturer, Celebrates 500,000th Motorhome Milestone
Via: Winnebago

Winnebago is a 64-year-old company known for motorhomes of all sizes, with some pretty iconic designs over the years. That said; the 500,000th Winnebago is hardly a chunky classic, rather a tough but compact Revel 4×4 Overlanding camper van built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

If we speak about the history, the first Winnebago rolled off the aisle in 1966 and at the time, it was priced lower, to cut through the competition. The 001 RV ran for a good number of years and at the time, used to be massive, ranging from 17 to 27 feet.

The V-shaped bodywork and the iconic Flying W emblem on the sides made the Winnebago build-up into a recognizable brand over the years and has now translated into a modern design.

Huw Bower, the president of Winnebago, is a happy man today, and said, “Winnebago is a pioneer in the RV category, producing its first vehicles more than 60 years ago. Yet, the 500,000th motorhome represents much more than longevity in the market.”

Bower also spoke about why it was so important to let all the employees join in the celebrations. He continued saying, “To our 2,700 employees, it represents millions of incredible experiences among friends and families that Winnebago has made possible through the decades. Our team members are committed to excellence every day, motivated and energized by the idea of ​​bringing joy to so many people. This milestone would not be possible without their tireless commitment.”

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The Revel Is A Compact, Rugged Motorhome

Winnebago's 500,000th EV Is A Revel 4x4 Overlanding Camper Van Built On The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Via: YouTube channel Winnebago RVs

The Revel 4×4 Overlanding camper van was launched just four years ago, and as the name suggests, comes with a four-wheel-drive and extra-ground-clearance for easier travel. This way, you need not just take the common road traveled and can go off-road as well, surging ahead to make your campsites rather than depending on the ones that are not just more popular but also more populated.

It comes in only a single floor plan and can sleep two. There’s a power lift bed in the rear which converts into a living space in the day, and despite the small size of the Revel, it houses a complete bathroom with a shower and a cassette toilet in the middle.

A small but workable kitchen has a stainless steel sink and a refrigerator, and there’s a 21-gallon freshwater tank, along with 21 gallons of greywater. Two 124-amp-hour solar-charged lithium batteries provide power, although they can also be charged via a dedicated alternator on the engine or shore power. There’s a 2,000-watt inverter as well, and the van comes all-seasons equipped with air-con and heating.

Overall, as a motorhome for two, the Revel is unniably superhero-like managing everything in a small space but also carrying enough features to leave you wanting for nothing. Plus, since it can go off-road, it can truly take you to the camps less frequented.

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The Revel Is Rather Pricey

The 500,000th Winnebago EV Represents Longevity
Via: YouTube channel Winnebago RVs

As Winnebago’s website states, “The function-fueled design, powered by the reliability of a 3-liter turbo diesel engine and the freedom of on-demand 4WD, means going off-road is never off the table.”

And since there’s so much on offer, the Revel isn’t quite cheap. It starts at just a little over $200,000 but clearly when it comes to motorhomes, that’s just right because why else did Winnebago just achieve its 500,000th milestone? Also, Winnebago says the Revel is a category leader for rugged, off-road campers, so the motorhome company is doing many things right.

With the 500,000th motorhome being made, and plenty of celebrations around it, we can only guess that the 1,000,000th motorhome from Winnebago is likely to be something really special. Both as a model and in the ensuing party, for this a company that knows how to have its cake and eat it too.

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